Opening times: 07:30-18:30 Mon-Fri
Opening times: 07:30-18:30 Mon-Fri

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Term and conditions

  • A non-refundable administration fee of £100.00 is payable on registration.
  • Once we have confirmed your child’s place, three months written notice is required if you cancel the place, reduce the sessions attended, or delay the start date. Fees are payable in full if sufficient notice is not given. All fees are payable monthly and are due on the 1st of each month, for the month ahead. If payment is not received on time, we will notify you of a non-payment. If fees remain unpaid, we may take the following action:

                    – Withdraw childcare until payment is made

                    – Charge you interest at 2% above the bank of England base rate on  unpaid fees   

                    – Terminate this agreement and take any necessary action to recover all fees due and cost   incurred in such action.

  • We require payment of fees by direct debit, cheque, or cash. Fees are calculated to consider the times when the Nursery is closed including the Christmas holidays, Easter holidays, Summer holidays and bank holidays. Fess are calculated into a fixed monthly payment. This is calculated by weekly sessions x 48 weeks / 12 months.
  • Fees are payable for any holiday time or other absences that you child may take away from Nursery.
  • College Town Montessori Nursery School will not be held responsible for failure to provide Nursery facilities resulting from events beyond our reasonable control.
  • Please let the nursery staff as soon as possible if your child is unable to attend the nursery for any reason. If your child becomes unwell during the day, we will contact you to discuss the situation and may ask you to collect them.
  • You must notify the Nursery in writing or by telephone if your child suffers from any infectious or contagious disease.
  • Children cannot be accepted earlier or collected later than their agreed hours without prior arrangement, as this effects staffing issues. Charges will be made for every 15 minutes.
  • We will endeavour to accommodate special dietary requirements diagnosed by a doctor or dietician.
  • Please note that the nursery will not be held liable for damage or lose of any clothing or toys that your child brings to Nursery.
  • The nursery requires your written consent to administer any prescribed medicine. The Nursery may make suitable medical decisions and seek medical help if unable to contact any of the individuals listed on your registration form.
  • All the children have their own personal Learning Journal recoding their progress, which you can ask to see at any time. We will discuss new observations with you, and you are invited to discuss your child’s progress with his/her key worker. When your child starts primary school, this record will then be passed on to you. 
  •  The safety and wellbeing of a child is very important, and we will need to take appropriate action if we feel the child is at risk. College Town Montessori Nursery School is under an obligation to report to OFSTED/ Child protection any incident where we consider a child may have been harmed or neglected. This may be done without informing the parents/guardians.
  •  Kindly notify the Nursery of any change of address or contact phone numbers, as these are essential should we need to contact you in an emergency.


These terms and conditions together with the Nursery policy and procedures form your agreement with College Town Montessori Nursery School for providing nursery care for your child. Please sign this agreement, to confirm that you agree to comply with these terms and conditions and the Nursery policy and procedures, which have been made available to you.


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